My novel is an adventure set on another planet called Abaytor. Edward, son of the famous explorer Herb Kemp, is popular, self-assured, and spoilt. During his time on the notorious Copper River, amongst the perilous lands of Abaytor, Edward discovers he’s not who he thought he was.

Burn, an off-kilter Abaytorian, with hair the colour of polished bronze and a desire for change, is charged with the task of escorting Edward back to civilisation. As they travel the crashing waters on a makeshift raft called the Copper Queen, they are in a constant battle with the river, the unknown, and each other. Edward’s deep-seated problems with his father are laid bare as they are hunted, almost drowned, starved, and face difficult choices. Both men struggle with loss, fear, and themselves. Amongst the star nursery skies, striking landscapes and colourful people of Abaytor, Edward slowly learns about trust, love, and self-acceptance.


Available as Kindle and paperback on Amazon.



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