Landscape Photography

I recently completed a workshop with David from David Speight Photography, during the day I learned how to use my DSLR Camera and how to compose landscape photographs. We spent the day in the Yorkshire Dales and the light conditions was surprisingly kind. I am delighted with the photographs I took, and learned, amongst other things, how to get out of ‘automatic settings’ and how to focus with my dodgy eyesight!

I cannot recommend David enough, if you live in the North (or will travel) and wish to learn more about photography, landscapes, or otherwise David is your man.


A folded blanket of grass.


A lucky shot just as a rainbow appeared in the grey sky.


At the top of Gordale Scar with an angry sky.

13Hills, barn, and dry stone walling indicative of the Yorkshire Dales.


Pen-y-ghent looking majestic with a dry stone wall shadowing its shape and a pink sky.


Ingleborough and its cap of clouds in the distance with limestone ‘bones’ in the foreground.

All photographs copyright of Michelle Peart 2017

David’s Twitter feed below:



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