North Star reviews


Latest reviews for To the Left of Your North Star 

This book was AWESOME. I was captured by the characters and story from the first page and was held captive until the last.  The world building was vivid and captivating, the characters distinct and fully rounded. The plot moved along at a cracking pace as I went on a journey of discovery with Edward and Burn. Both of the boys worked their way into my heart and I eagerly await for more. What a debut!

A 2017 Rainbow Awards reviewer

This is a great read! Michelle’s writing eloquently conjures the vision of her world. The story is captivating & compulsive, set on a distant planet where all is not as it seems. A world where a young man embarks on a journey of self discovery which takes him & the reader on an adventure to unexpected places. I thoroughly enjoyed this book & am eagerly looking forward to the tale unfolding further with another episode.


This is a book aimed at young adults and is a sci-fi fantasy story that introduces us to the colourful and beautiful world of Abaytor, a planet distant from earth, in some ways very different from it yet in other ways similar. It is peopled by different tribes who don’t always understand one another and whose cultures and beliefs sometimes clash but who, until recently, managed to live alongside one another without serious problems. To this planet come groups of scientists, among whom are Edward and his explorer father, who care about one another but are very different and have no idea how to communicate. Edward meets Burn, a young adult from Abaytor, and when undertaking a perilous journey down the Copper River on a raft come to form a close friendship that helps Edward turn from a disaffected and selfish boy to a young adult who has learned what is important in life, and what is not. The story is fast-paced and full of adventure, yet still manages to remain sensitive, and it surprises the reader with a surprising twist at the end. I’m not a young adult, but I enjoyed this story very much.

P. Riley.

What a delightful read! I really did love the dynamic between the main characters a lot. Totally fell in love with the flirty Burn and the grumpy Edward right from the beginning. Their road trip has been full of so many adventures and most of all surprises. I didn’t expect things to turn out the way they did in the end. And talking about the end: Please let there be a sequel! There’s still so much things I want to know about them.

S. Brandmair

This was my first foray into reading fantasy literature and will not be my last! The story is so imaginative and different and so interestingly written that I did not know what to expect next as I turned each page. And the ending was completely unexpected, both sad and inspiring – I loved it!

O. Carey-Jones

This is an engaging, romping, rollicking adventure of two teenage boys on another world. As the river in this outer world tosses them about and challenges them to the limit, their inner worlds begin seismic shifts. The author’s use of descriptive language is beautiful and evocative – you are right in there with the boys – and I love the way the story unravels in unpredictable twists and turns, just like the river they’re riding, just like life. It’s messy, it doesn’t turn out how you expected or how you wanted it – but isn’t it interesting how it’s often just what you really need? A brilliant story, brilliantly told.

J. Brightwood

Thank you all.


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