Filming Merlin 2012. Photos.

The other day a friend said to me, your blog’s a bit random. So to prove that she is indeed correct, here are a collection of photos taken by my husband during the filming of BBC’s Merlin in September 2012.

I am presuming there are thousands of similar photos floating around the internet. Certainly on that particular day there were countless fans straining against the barriers with their cameras and squealing with delight.


I love this shot (above). It was taken at the end of a long day.


I don’t know who the shouting fella is. Or I have forgotten… four years is a long time! Julie Bozza would know for definite! Or maybe you do…?


Big J (far right) was lovely with the kids and brought out Excalibur for them to hold. Needless to say I wanted to hold it but didn’t get the chance. Hang on… I have a picture of him doing just that…


This is a great shot!


Spot Mr Morgan…


Bradley James and Tom Hopper with Director Justin Molotnikov.


Alex Vlahos. I particularly like this one.



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