So a thing happened…

I’m rather delayed in writing this post when it’s the one I always wanted to write. The strap line across the top of this blog reads, The pursuit of my Holy Grail in which I occasionally veer off into geekdom’. Well… two things have happened, one, I haven’t occasionally veered off into geekdom, I have frequently veered off! Two, I have pursued and I have found!

After a toppling pile of rejections and fourteen months of trying, my book, To the Left of Your North Star has found a home! I’m delighted to say the Manifold Press have taken it and it will be published in November! Woo hoo!

I have learnt a lot in the last year but mainly I have learnt to never give up and make new friends. Friends with the same interests as you, friends whose passions are also yours, and friends who will support you as you support them in return.

It always seems impossible until it is done.

Nelson Mandela.



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