Physical Pain Descriptor



For the last six months, I have endured an agonising shoulder injury, which is as yet undiagnosed.  I’ve decided to use the experience to list the sensations and emotions. If you have a character in physical pain, maybe it will help you to define their movements and thought patterns.

  • Constant nagging pain like toothache or backache.
  • Agony as if an animal is gnawing at your bones.
  • Fierce pain like an electric shock.
  • Slicing pain like a hot knife through your skin.
  • Sharp stabs that momentarily disable you.
  • Decreased brainpower – simple tasks become difficult.
  • Wishing one could complete everyday tasks.
  • Fighting the darkness that threatens to consume you.
  • Pain accompanying you like a parasite and feeding off your strength.
  • Waiting for the next pain attack and that waiting becomes your day.
  • Afterwards you’re left with a pain hangover – aching, numb, and fazed.
  • Increases in anxiety as you create worst-case scenarios.
  • Feeling as if the world is turning but somehow you have stopped.
  • Clenching and unclenching ones jaw and hands.
  • Constantly seeking answers and the reason for the pain.
  • Heightened awareness of other health issues.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Anger.
  • Irritability.
  • Frustration.
  • Confusion.
  • Restricted movement leading to altering your daily pattern.
  • Shock on waking up, remembering, and then feeling heavy.
  • Inability to think straight.
  • Inability to participate in normal goings on – sporting activities, sitting for a long time in a cinema or meal out etc.
  • Unable to drive for long distances or at all.

One thought on “Physical Pain Descriptor

  1. Dear Shelll
    What a very clear picture you paint of your present condition. How desperate. How much longer
    is it going to continue? I do hope a proper diagnosis can be given very soon, so something can be done to help you.
    With love from Joan.

    Sent from my iPad



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