Avoidance Tactics


Writing is difficult. Not the statement of the century I grant you. It took me a year to write To the Left of Your North Star. That was the easy part. The hard part is the endless reading and editing but I’ve had some fabulous people help me along the way. My mentor, Sonny,  from the UK Writer’s College, my good friends Lucy, Helen, and Vicky, who offer support and encouragement, and my writer chum, Julie, whose advice and experience is invaluable. I’m lucky that these people believe in my abilities for without them I’d have sunk to my knees in the writing relay race.

This morning I face another round of edits, two-hundred and thirty-eight pages worth. Thanks to Julie’s eye, these edits are making me giddy. I may be at the end of the line, finished the race, and battled my last word repetition.

Sorry… I just had to leave for a moment to buy Simon Armitage tickets. He’s at the Ilkley Literature Festival talking about his new book.


Normal service is resumed.

My plan is to send out thirteen queries on top of the twelve already sent (and rejected) this will make twenty-five in total. Where do you stop? Well the plan is to stop there and have a good think!


Surprisingly, this is not me. My pallor is not so green.

At the moment I’m writing a short story for an anthology which is to be published next year, plus outlining and writing the first draft for The Year of the Winds, the follow up to To the Left of Your North Star, so I’m happy that my fingers are still tapping on keys.

Am I writing this post to avoid hours of editing? Absolutely.



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