London Film and Comic Con

We’re on our way to the 2015 London Film and Comic Con but my head is somewhere else—wall flowering at its own party, on its own planet, away with the fairies. The reason?  I’ll tell you later when my mind has re-joined my body, specifically my fingers.

Back to the Con. The reason for the trip to London is The Musketeers well, Athos and D’Artagnan to be precise, well the actors that play them—Tom Burke and Luke Pasqualino.


Luke Pasqualino.


Tom Burke.

I first saw Tom Burke in Russell T. Davies’ fantastic Casanova back in 2005. He was magnetic, alluring, and creepy and I’ve been looking out for him ever since. If you ever get the chance watch Casanova, but maybe without the kids! 


Tom Burke and David Tennant in Casanova.

The MI, unlike the trip to The Hay, was moving, but 80% of it was limited to 50mph. The Sat Nav diverted us off the motorway to avoid a jam and we followed random country lanes for what seemed like hours. The over-reliance on the ‘woman stuck to the windscreen’ unnerves me. Our woman is called Jane, she has a posh Southern Counties accent, and I swear there’s delight in her tone when we reach our destination, as if she’s glad to be rid of us.

I informed my husband that I didn’t like Jane and would prefer to navigate by the sun, stars, and the moon. To which he replied, ‘Shell, we’re not on a raft on a backwards planet with two quarrelling boys.’ He was referring to my book To the Left of Your North Star. No we weren’t, but listening to Jane drone turn left, turn right, and do a U-turn I would have much preferred to be with Burn and Edward.

After queuing in the hot sun for nearly an hour, we tumbled into London Olympia with a to-do list, or as my auto-suggest has just changed it to… a commotion list, which I feel is more suitable.

Something I didn’t know, shame on me for been so Tom Burke fixated, was there was a whole floor dedicated to books and authors. The books revolved around Speculative Fiction and I came away with a bucket full of ideas for promotion of my own book.

  • Run a competition for book giveaways—a good way to collect interested parties email and/or social media information.
  • Free coffee/water/sweets in return for a mention on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Props from the book. A full size raft springs to mind!
  • Freebies—goodie bags.
  • Cosplay or T-Shirts emblazoned with the book.
  • Posters and point of sale material—banners, flags, fun objects.
  • Promotional material—Bookmarks, mugs, key rings.
  • Discounts.
  • Visual—balloons, bright colours, patterns.


I will finish with the reason I listened to Jane drone on for hours, battled heat, suffered claustrophobic crowds, and shredded my feet… Mr Tom Burke.

tb lfcc


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