‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’

Hello, my name is Michelle but everyone calls me Shell. This is start of my journey to publication. I’ve written the book, cried the tears, sweated the small stuff, neglected the house, and inflamed my finger joints. But I’ve survived and with four Writing College Distinctions tucked under one arm, a cover letter, synopsis and the first three chapters tucked under the other (I have big arms), here I go, onwards, upwards, sideways and backwards.

During a day of self-criticism where I wondered what the hell I was doing, a good friend said to me, ‘Despite it having taken you so long to get this far you’re still only at the start of your journey and it’s all very exciting.’ It is exciting, yes, but in a way, publication is a helluva lot more daunting than writing the book itself. For nearly two years, cocooned in my small study, there’s been me, Edward, and Burn. Now, like ravens through a fog, we have to emerge to chase the dream.


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